Warehousing and Distribution

Clipper Transport warehouses feature closed-circuit monitoring television, anti-theft alarm systems, and fire alarm monitoring systems.
Prior to container loading and sea shipping, your cargo can be stored in our warehouse free of charge. You can monitor the status of your cargo in our warehouse through live broadcast video. By introducing the internet into the international warehouse supply chain, we reduce the intermediate links, enhance the transparency of the industry,and  then reduce the logistics costs, providing the best quality service and guarantee for the foreign trade enterprises.   

Warehousing and Distribution Service

  • Short and long term vehicle warehousing and display.
  • IT system for cargo management.
  • Checking and acceptance of cargo and loading.
  • Provide real-time live warehouse broadcasting.
  • Distribution to port and loading to ship.

Customs Brokerage

We are experienced customs broker which avoids imports risks such as clearance delays. By avoiding these delays, we help you maximize and leverage all of your sales opportunities.
Clipper Transport is not only capable of handling regular issues but we also help you avoid possible problems and delays. We are experts at US. Customs regulations and policies and we are connected directly with US. Customs to ensure timely and accurate electronic declaration.
We provide import tariff approved, cargo clearance, tax rebates and other professional import files service. We also provide consultancy on U.S. Customs regulations and policies.

Simplify your declaration procedure

  • Cargo declaration before arrival.
  • Professional recommendations on declaration.
  • Apply the appropriate rates according to tariff analysis.
  • Import declaration documents reviewed.
  • Electronic imports declaration based on system.
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