Ocean Freight

Clipper Transport is a NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) that is registered in FMC (Federal Maritime Commission). We provide importers and exporters with the world's most professional freight forwarding service and ocean shipping plans. Whether your company deals with small or large-scale shipments, we provide highly effective service at a competitive price. Clipper Transport is experienced in ocean shipping.
From warehousing to packing, including customs clearance at ports. We provide full cycle transportation services including, ground transportation, shipping, warehousing, and insurance.

Simplify cargo shipping procedures

  • Cover all Chinese-US ocean routes.
  • The most competitive ocean freight rates.
  • Provide logistics status and location in the whole service.
  • Experienced team.
  • Agency for U.S. Customs Import and Export declaration.
  • Expertise in L/C, Certificate of Origin and bank documents.

Air Freight

Clipper Transport provides you consistent premium service including urgent cases, air freight, and transfer air service at a reasonable price to keep you competitive.
We focus on the customer, create the specialization, the informationization, the personalization, the omnidirectional logistics operation pattern, and provide them whole process cargo acceptance, tracking, sorting, packaging, handling, Logistics information and so on.

Fast and reliable air freight solutions for your global cargo freight

  • Global departure and destination airport service network.
  • Preferential rates with all major airlines globally.
  • 24/7 storage, packaging and distribution services.
  • Local air cargo delivery and delivery to airport service.
  • Know exactly the status of your air freight cargo.
  • Assist in preparing all documents related to air freight.
  • Entrust your local contacts to meet your demand.

Surface Transportation

Clipper Transport provides inland surface transportation services coast to coast, long and short distance freight service. We ensure a timely and safe arrival by tracking cargo transport status during the whole transportation process.
With professional knowledge, we provide you the customized surface transport plan to ensure it is the safest, most efficient and cost-competitive.

Inland truck service

  • Truck service of road and train transport.
  • Long haul trucking.
  • Long and short distance container haulage.
  • Flat trailer service.

Cargo Insurance

All steps related to transportation will bring potential risk. Our professional team can not only help you avoid these risks, but also provide appropriate insurance for ocean and road transportation to protect your cargo against accidents, theft, damage, and loss during the transportation.
We offer cost-effective AAA-level insurance.

Our advantages

  • Provide package insurance solutions.
  • 10 years of brand accumulation.
  • Cargo insurance covers the global scope.
  • Provide pre sales and after-sales service in the whole process.
  • Preferential rates to satisfy customer's different business needs.
  • Provide insurance for the whole course of ocean freight, air freight and surface transportation.
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